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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

Data Protection Statement

The party responsible for data collection is Corvus Group GmbH, represented by the director Steven Raabe, Königstraße 36, 53773 Hennef (hereinafter referred to as CORVUS). An explanation is given below as to which data is recorded during a visit to and how this data is used.

Personal data

Personal data is individual items of information about personal or material circumstances of a particular or identifiable natural person. This includes information such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, but also the IP address assigned to a connection. Information not directly associated with a person - for example favourite internet sites or the number of uses of a site - are not personal data.

Which data is collected?

(1) To be able to use the application, each user must first register, stating the company name, his personal name and his e-mail address. After successful registration a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address stated during registration for the purpose of verifying the e-mail address provided during registration. The registration is only complete and the registered user will only be approved after verification of the e-mail address by clicking the confirmation link.

(2) No further personal information is recorded at the time of registration. In the context of use of further voluntary details about the person or the company may be provided. Data provided in this way, which will be described below, shall be transferred to CORVUS and stored there. Such a voluntary transfer can relate to the following data:

a) The user profile created at the time of registration may be supplemented with further data of the user, in particular a picture, information about profiles on social networks and a user statement.

b) If the user is the owner of the company profile, the company profile created at the time of registration may be supplemented with further data of the company. In this process, contact data such as telephone numbers and e-mail addresses may be entered and images uploaded which may be assigned to a particular person or depict the person.

c) The owner of the company profile may also invite other employees of the company to register at The invitation is issued by entering the e-mail address and name of the employee to be invited. An invitation will be sent to the e-mail address provided with the invitation for the purpose of verifying the e-mail address entered by the existing user. The registration of the invited party is only complete after verification of the e-mail address of the invited party by clicking the confirmation link, after which the invited party shall automatically be assigned to the company profile of the company issuing the invitation.

d) Within the framework of the invitation to tender in respect of capacities, loading room or freight volume, a further contact address may be entered in the form of an e-mail address. In the relevant open field for description of further information, personal data may likewise be entered.

e) Within the framework of the application a user may make contact with another user by using the publicly visible elements such as the e-mail address of the company or the e-mail address of the user, insofar as this party has released his data for public access. Every user may therefore decide whether he wishes to make his user data public or keep it hidden. The company data shall then always be publicly visible and cannot be hidden.

f) Users may share in public networks the company and user profile as well as the invitations to tender created by them. Sharing content means that other persons not registered on are able to view the content placed there.

g) Users can make contact with CORVUS using the support function of the application. Contact may be made via the support function for various reasons, even before registration as a user. If contact is made using the application's support function, entry of a name and e-mail address is required. Further personal data may also be entered as free text.

h) When the application is accessed the user's IP address will be recorded, irrespective of whether a visitor is registered as a user or not. The user's IP address is stored by CORVUS to prevent misuse and to assign the visitor to a user account. The IP address allows CORVUS to see the user's region. The information acquired in this way shall be used only for statistical analysis and it will not be linked with the user profile or other data of the user.

(3) In all the above-mentioned cases the data notified to CORVUS shall be stored and processed in compliance with the relevant regulations of the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (Federal Data Protection Law) (BDSG) and the Telemediengesetz (Telemedia Act) (TMG). By transferring the data each user declares agreement with storage and the use described below of the data transferred by him by CORVUS and their vicarious agents who are deployed for this and named below. Profile data is stored exclusively within the Federal Republic of Germany.

(4) Data on the user's terminal such as telephone numbers, contacts, photos or other content shall not be accessed by The location will not be identified.

What happens with the data?

Personal data provided by the user shall be used exclusively within the framework of the services offered on the application and for processing and dealing with issues if the support department is contacted.

(1) Enhancement of the company or user profile data provided at the time of registration or later shall be used exclusively to maintain the user account and associated tasks, e.g. visibility of available invitations to tender or making contact with the user or billing in the case of chargeable content. Storage of user data is undertaken by CORVUS and their vicarious agents within the Federal Republic of Germany. Deletion of data from a user account is carried out only after a request by the respective profile owner. Invitations to tender and their contents may be deleted by each user himself. The same applies to employee profiles of a company invited by a user.

(2) Insofar as a user makes contact with CORVUS via the application, this will be done either by e-mail contact or use of the support enquiry. When the support enquiry is accessed, a ticket system will be opened in which the data entered by the user and his contact will be stored until conclusion of the event. We draw attention to the fact that the processing and storage of support enquiries is undertaken by our partner Intercom, Inc., 55 2nd Street, 4th Fl., San Francisco, CA 94105, USA, (hereinafter Intercom). Content addressed to CORVUS in the context of a support enquiry with all data therein is forwarded to Intercom in the USA immediately and stored there. In this connection Intercom also records the IP address of the person accessing the application. The data recorded in this way cannot be assigned by Intercom to any user profile. Data recording by Intercom only serves the purpose of improved processing and usability of support enquiries for CORVUS and the user and are not connected with the use of the application and the data thereby collected as such. In order to comply with the required level of data protection in the USA Intercom has undertaken to comply with the provisions of the privacy shield and concluded a corresponding agreement with CORVUS whereby CORVUS remains the sole holder of the data sovereignty (outsourced data processing).

(3) CORVUS stores the user data and other transactions as well as contents of the application with Amazon Web Services. The storage location is exclusively the Federal Republic of Germany.

(4) There shall be no additional forwarding, sale or other transfer of your personal data to third parties. After deletion of the company or user profile or revocation of consent by the user and after dealing with a support enquiry or expiry of the above-mentioned holding periods, personal data transferred by a user shall be blocked for further use and, subject to any statutory preservation periods, deleted.

Revoking approval

Consent for storage of data, in particular within the framework of a user profile or for the purpose of making contact within the framework of an enquiry initiated by the user or an invitation to tender initiated by the user may be revoked by any user at any time without stating reasons. Furthermore, the user may at any time refuse to allow use of data about him which is stored within the application and delete his user account. The revocation/objection may be declared by using the e-mail address: Deletion of the user account may be carried out at any time by contacting support.

Right to information

Irrespective of this, every user has the right at any time to receive information, free of charge, about data relating to him that is stored in the application and by CORVUS or their vicarious agents, its origin and recipients, entitlement, blocking or deletion of data as well as revocation of approvals and the purpose of data processing.

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